A Good Helper to Know More About My Son

A Good Helper to Know More About My Son

As a single mother, I have been feeling guilty of spending little time with Nick, my little son. I am a busy mother, busy not for my family, but for my work. Like any other career women, I seldom send him to school, not to mention going to the kitchen room to make a nutrient breakfast for him. I am busy having meetings, negotiating with partners, doing businesses, etc. Because of this, Nick has a lot of discretionary time after school. In spite of the fact that I am busy all day long, I still would like to spend a little time to get known about what he is doing in most of his spare time, as I am worried about that he may be out of control without my care.

I have tried many ways to supervise his after-school life, such as signing up some classes for him, like violin and piano, or having a private teacher to check his homework and so on. The biggest disadvantage is that all that I learned about him is from others, not by myself. By accident, I saw the invisible mac keylogger when I was searching for information related to my work. It aroused my interest to know more about this software as Nick is just a little netbug. It says that this  keylogger is preferable for mac and it has the function to record the keystrokes typed by the user. It can also record the visited web pages. The most important thing is that it can record the detailed information about the chats and email messages sent by users. Why don’t I have a piece of mac keylogger installed on my little boy’s MacBook? With the help of this software, I can know more about Nick, not by others, just by myself and in real time.

From so many choices of spy software, I chose Aobo mac keylogger because of its good reputation. I used to worry that he may be addicted to the online games and ignore his study. It seems that I am awfully wrong. With the help of the spy software, I learned that my little boy is still the one he was, tractable and studious, but a little lonely as I paid too little attention to him. In his journal, he wrote I was a successful woman, but not a competent mother and he never felt my love for him. Is it the main reason why the smile on his face becomes less and less?

No parent does not love his or her child. To me, he is my whole world. I love my job, but I love him more. Knowing the truth of his inner mind, I have made my decision that I should spend more time with him. I will let him know I love him, deeply.

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