A Good Mac Keylogger that Records Facebook Passwords

A Good Mac Keylogger that Records Facebook Passwords

What is the cheapest keylogger out there for a Mac? I need a simple keylogger for Mac OS X Leopard that will secretly record what my kids’ Facebook passwords. However, the ones I found are either too complicated/expensive or the cheap ones are not made for Mac.

You need to know that most of the passwords you enter on the keyboard will be shown as asterisks on your Mac, therefore a Mac keylogger with the function of recording passwords will not be as cheap as others. Take a look at Aobo Keylogger for Mac: http://www.keylogger-mac.com/

Most of the key loggers for Mac in present market can’t record passwords. However, Aobo Keylogger for Mac promises its features of recording passwords in asterisks.

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