A keylogger for Mac Is Legal to Use

A keylogger for Mac Is Legal to Use

A keylogger for Mac is either a hardware device or a piece of software which can record the key strokes of a Mac user. Both are legal to own in the US and other countries despite of their ability to be used in identity theft and fraud.

Why is a keylogger for Mac legal?

While a keylogger for Mac may be useful in fraud and identity theft, a keylogger for Mac does have valid uses. To begin with, in testing software, knowing exactly what a user does is useful to programmers, which can effectively pin-point a problem in code. Secondly, employers can use keylogger for Mac to monitor the progress and productivity of employees. Moreover, some manufacturers advertise keylogger for Mac as a form of backup, keeping each page you write even if the power goes out.

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While arguments can be made that a keylogger for Mac is more often used for nefarious reasons, in the right hands, it is a useful tool. While it is legal to own, it is illegal to install them on computers for public use or on systems someone does not own. Therefore, when you prefer to use this surveillance tool, remember to use it in legal ways.

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