Do you want to earn extra income from your web site? Add a page or two about our software and earn cash. Selling Aobo Spy Software and other Aobo Software has never been easier.

Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to earn generous high starting commission on our award-winning spy software products according your monthly sales.

By partnering with Aobo you would be selling HIGHLY profitable software products. There are several ways you can sell, the most common of which is adding a new page to your web site describing our product(s). The page would include a special link to our site which marks them as your visitor. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what kind of web site you have. Almost any web site can generate sales.

You can choose to have your visitors go to the information page of the product OR directly to the order page.

Either way, when somebody clicks your special link and makes a purchase, your account is credited 40% of the total sale. You can login and view your statistics at any time. Once each month you are paid by either check or direct deposit.


We *only* use Plimus as our order provider on our web sites. This means no lost sales for you and order pages customized to look like your site.

Don’t have a web site?

You can still earn money using your online social network account to promote the software. Just register on facebook or digg and tell your friends the product with your affiliate link.

Already have an up and running online business? Excellent.

If you already have a web site receiving at least 100 unique visitors each day, then adding a page for Aobo Spy Software could automatically generate income every month. The type and amount of traffic your site produces determines how many sales you will make.

How to Become an Affiliate Today

Becoming an affiliate is free and takes only five minutes. First you would sign up for a Plimus Affiliate account. Once inside your Plimus account, click “Products Catalog” and search for “Aobo Software”. Then click “Sell this product” for whichever product(s) you wish to sell. You can choose to sell just one or all of our software. Take action today before your competitors take your software sales!

Frequent Affiliate-related Questions

Does this cost me anything?

There are no startup charges or membership fees or anything of the sort associated with becoming a Aobo Software affiliate. Affiliation is absolutely free of charge. Plus, the more sales you generate from your links, the more income you will receive.

Where do I get the links to put on my site?

When you signup to become an affiliate, you will create an affiliate account with any username and password. You then login to this account and can view the links by clicking “Get BuyNow Links”. You then send visitors using this link to get credit for their purchases.

How will I know when I have made a sale?

Anytime you make a sale you will instantly receive an email containing information about the sale. This allows you to keep track of your sales on a daily basis.

Do I have to provide support after a sale?

You can rest assured that we will take care of the customer should they require support. From the time a visitor leaves your site, we handle everything from sales to ordering to support. All you do is sit back and enjoy the automated income.

Can I promote through my newsletter or e-zine?

Advanced Internet marketers who wish to use their newsletter or e-zine to earn commission are welcomed. We will work with you in any way you need to provide custom graphics, text or content for your publication that uses your affiliate link.

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