Amac Keylogger v3.0.1 Released

Amac Keylogger v3.0.1 Released

Amac Keylogger v3.0.1, an easy-to-use keylogger for Mac OS X, released on March 27, 2014.

What’s new in Amac Keylogger v3.0.1?

  • Fixed the bugs in screenshot capturing
  • Optimized the log email sending mechanisms
  • Refined the installer to improve the conceality
  • Fixed an issue in "Apply to All" feature
  • Fixed some other small bugs

Amac Keylogger v3.0.1 represents a considerable improvement in log email reporting. It will smartly identify the maximum email size of screenshot logs that is allowed by users’ email service. When Amac Keylogger notices that the attached logs are over-sized, it will divide the screenshots into different smaller parts and send them separately.

Other improvement are also provided in the update. To try it out, please download a free trial at this page.

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