Amac Lion Keylogger – Keylogger for Mac OS 10.7.X

Amac Lion Keylogger – Keylogger for Mac OS 10.7.X

Amac Lion Keylogger is used to track almost all of user activities done on a Mac, such as visited websites/URLs, composed Emails, instant messenger chats and usernames/passwords by logging the keys pressed on a keyboard. Amac Lion Keylogger for Mac also takes screenshots of a Mac Lion desktop in regular time. All the log file are stored in a secret folder and can be sent to a preset Email box or uploaded to an FTP Space.

Who are using Amac Lion Keylogger?

Parents apply Amac Lion Keylogger to watch their kids
Amac Lion Keylogger helps parents, who worry about that their kids online safety, keep an eye on kids and tells you what they did and who they were talking to. Parents can easily know what their kids are thinking about by installing Amac Lion Keylogger.

Forbidden to Use Amac Lion Keylogger to catch cheating spouse
Amac Lion Keylogger has great power in recording typed Emails, the websites visiting history and instant messenger conversations, which is forbidden to monitor your partner’s Lion Mac and catch a cheating spouse in red-handed.

Managers utilize Amac Lion Keylogger to monitor employees
Amac Lion Keylogger will enable you to monitor your employees’ computer usage in working time by recording visited websites, chat conversations and periodic screenshots on employees’ Macs. It is powerful in staff supervision. One more recommended employee monitoring software for OS X Lion: Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac.

Locate your lost/stolen Mac with Amac Lion Keylogger
It will be a great loss if a Mac is stolen or lost. Now with Amac Lion Keylogger, your Mac can be monitored stealthily. Amac Lion Keylogger is built in with IP address tracking function. Keylogger users can track the location of your Lion and get it back.

With the comprehensive usages of Amac Lion Keylogger above, we can see that it applies to multiple users like home users (parental control or employee monitoring), company supervision, case investigation and so on. I can’t recommend it highly enough, but it actually is a great and powerful Lion Keylogger for all Mac users indeed.

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