An Advanced Keylogger for Mac

An Advanced Keylogger for Mac

A keylogger for Mac, sometimes called keystroke logger or key logger, is a very small but powerful program that monitors all keystrokes typed on the Mac. Of course, this is the most common function that a keylogger can provide for your Mac. However, an advanced keylogger gives you more functions that can meet all your needs!

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Features of Keyloggers for Mac

  • An Advanced Keylogger Runs In Stealthy Mode
    An advanced keylogger for Mac runs invisibly. It can help you monitor all the activities that your children or your employees do on the target Mac secretly. You don’t need to worry that your children or somebody else find it even though they are tech savvy. Because the keylogger runs in stealthy mode, it will not show up in the startup icon and it runs automatically every time the Mac starts up. You can also set a hotkey to open your keylogger software so that nobody can easily detect it!
  • An Anadvanced Keylogger for Mac Logs Typed Passwords
    An advanced keylogger for Mac should log all the passwords that typed on the Mac. Nowadays more and more people like to browse some social network websites like Facebook, YouTube which all have password protection. If you want to know what your children, employees or spouses do in those online spaces, you should have an advanced keylogger for Mac that can help you record all typed passwords so that you can get in the spaces easily!
  • An Advanced Keylogger Logs All Typed Keystrokes
    This is the most common feature that an advanced keystroke logger should provide, but this is also very important for all Mac users. You can figure out what your children always do online, and you can also know the truth about what your employees often do and whether your spouses are cheating on you or not from all the typed keystroke logs.
  • An Advanced Keylogger Tracks The IP Address of Target Mac
    An advanced keylogging software should track the IP address of the target Mac. If you are a forgetful and careless person, you may often forget or lose something such as your MacBook. Now you can install a keylogger on your MacBook and it can help you track the IP address every time your MacBook is used, so you can get the exact information about where your MacBook is, and you can also get it back easier.
  • An Advanced Mac Keylogger Sends Logs And Screenshots Secretly At Present Interval
    An advanced keystroke logging software will send all the logs and screenshots taken secretly by email or FTP at the preset interval. You will see the reports about what the target Mac users do, including what websites they visit, who they often contact, what they like most to do on the Internet and so on.
  • An Advanced Keystroke Logger Has Password Protection For Access
    Even though your Keylogger runs invisibly, if you want to make it safer, you should have an advanced keylogger that can provide password protection to enter it. You can set a customized password for your keylogger entering. Only having the password of the keylogger, can the users access the keylogger.

Aobo keylogger Makes Your Life Richer and Easier

Aobo Keylogger for Mac, an invisible and powerful keylogger designed for Mac, is an advanced keylogger that builds a log of all typed keystrokes into a keyboard on the target Mac. It is often used for legitimate purposes to trouble networks, watching children’s activities online, analyze employees’ productivity, or catch a cheating spouse and so on. Its professional version helps you record the passwords typed on the Mac, and it provides password protection which can give you double protections to make it more secret. Choosing Aobo Keystroke Logger is choosing an excellent keylogger for your Mac, it will make your life richer and easier.

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