Aobo Filter for Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac
Aobo Filter for Mac
Block unwanted websites and filter porn websites
Stealth | Super Effective | Secure

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X STD

Mac OS 10.6 and above

Download Aobo Filter for Mac Free TrialPurchase Aobo Filter for Mac
  • Block websites by URLs/Keywords
  • Block websites visited with http proxies
  • Work with all popular web browsers
  • Hot key access and password protected

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X PRO

Mac OS 10.6 and above

Download Aobo Filter for Mac Free TrialPurchase Aobo Filter for Mac
  • Block porn websites automatically
  • Block undesired games/ applications
  • Run in stealth and undetectable mode
  • Start working automatically as user login
Price: $49.99
Support: Free Lifetime
Update: 1-year Free
Delivery: Instant download

Aobo Filter, the best web filtering software, is specially designed to block any unwanted websites by keywords or URLs simply and instantly, and is able to filter the applications such as stopping unwanted computer games from running on the target Mac by adding the related program name to the Black List of the internet filter software.

Additionally, Aobo Filter works powerfully to block the porn websites automatically because of its advanced filtering technology and to record all websites visited on the computer. It works as the most professional parental control software that can be used to protect your kids, families from dreadful contents online.

Key features of Aobo Filter for Mac

  • Block Porn Websites Automatically
    Aobo Filter is able to block all porn websites automatically with its built-in filter technology. By this way, you don’t need to worry that your kids or other families view improper web pages on your computer.
  • Filter Bad Websites Easily
    With the internet filter software, you are allowed to block any inappropriate web sites simply and quickly by keywords or URLs. Once you add certain keywords or URLs to the Black List of the filter, it will help you block the web pages efficiently.
  • Stop Applications from Running
    Aobo Filter is also called the most useful parental control software that works secretly on your device to stop any unwanted applications from running on your computer, which helps parents well control their kids’ game activities.
  • Keep Track of Web History
    Apart from its powerful filtering functions, the web filter software also keeps record of all websites that are visited on the Internet. It helps you know what kind of websites the users viewed and you can also add according websites to the filter as soon as possible.
  • Run Automatically and Invisibly
    Aobo Filter starts to work on the computer invisibly and automatically, which means it runs every time the computer starts. Users can hardly know their activities are limited and watched by any filtering software, which is better for the software to work on your computer.
  • Set Passwords for Protection
    Aobo Filter provides passwords protection, which means there is no way to get access to the internet filter software without the passwords that you set in advance.
  • Support Multiple Users
    With a simple click on the Mac internet filter, you are more likely to switch your monitoring target from the current users to all users freely.

What makes Aobo Filter necessary?

Protect minors from bad but attractive things

Aobo Filter can be a great idea for a whole lot of individuals. For example, this software can be used to block harmful websites that may impact impressionable children, like websites and applications holding porn, drug, violent information, which can be very fresh and attractive to kids. Aobo Filter is ideal to be carried out at homes as well as schools or colleges in these cases.

Filter irrelevant content to enhance efficiency

If a computer is connected to the Internet, there is a lot that employees can be exposed to. Something as simple as talking with friends online for long time or browsing non-work related websites. The highlighted blocking feature of Aobo Filter allows business managers to control what websites and programs to be accessed during working hours on office Mac computers.

Improve the security level of your computers

Your computers can be quite susceptible to harmful things depending on the computer settings and usage pattern. Proper restrictions, for example, applying Aobo Filter, is not pushing things far away, but secure you and your computer, since some "interesting" websites or programs may contain virus that can damage your computer. Some online activity may even lead to law breaking!


  • Aobo Filter for Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 Intel-Build and above

Aobo Filter Screenshots

Web Filter – Block Websites by Keywords or URLs

Aobo Filter - Web History

Screenshots of the Aobo Filter for Mac

Web Filter – Website Filtering Screenshots

Aobo Filter FAQs

Q: What can I get if I purchase Aobo Filter?
A: After purchase, you get the software, free technical support and 1-year-free upgrades!

Q: Is my order secure?
A: Yes, of course! We use the world’s famous online Payment system. It is a 100% secure and hacker-safe platform.

Q: What’s your Refund Policy?
A: When you purchase Aobo Filter, you have full protection. Aobo Filter has 100% money back protection if it doesn’t work on your device.

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X STD

Download Aobo Filter for Mac Free Trial Download Aobo Filter for Mac Free Trial

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X PRO

Download Aobo Filter for Mac Free Trial Download Aobo Filter for Mac Free Trial

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