Incoming OS X Mavericks and Aobo Keylogger for OS X 10.9

Incoming OS X Mavericks and Aobo Keylogger for OS X 10.9

Aobo Keylogger for OS X 10.9 is your favorite monitoring tool if you want to monitor incoming OS X Mavericks. At the Worldwide Developers Conference on 10th 2013, June, Apple has just announced its next version of Mac OS X 10.9, named OS X Mavericks. Mac Keylogger for OS X Mavericks is coming soon to support the new desktop operating system – OS X Mavericks, which will be the preferred choice for the OS X users.

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Here the highlight of the new OS X Mavericks is given:

Finder Tabs

The latest version of OS X positions a plus sign button on the right which enables you to open a new tab, and you can drag tabs just like a web browser. Besides Finder window can be expanded to full-screen mode as well.


New Safari will use less GPU, less energy, and is faster than ever before. And, the newly added Sidebar can integrate more tags, including bookmarks, readings, URLs posted by Twitter and LinkedIn in a single stream.

Apple Maps and iBooks

Two apps, Maps, and iBooks are brought over from iOS devices. Now you can use Apple Maps on your Mac then sync to your other devices. And you can also read and shop for books on your Mac and sync them to iCloud. You can highlight sections and take notes – all of which are synced to your iOS devices.


The calendar app gets a new look on OS X Mavericks, letting you get more detailed information about a party, meeting, or location, including the weather forecast for the destination, the time you spend on the destination and more.


You will get all notifications when your Mac is in an inactive state. You also allow websites to send you updates like the latest scores, breaking new stories, and more via notifications even when Safari is turned off. You won’t miss the new messages.

Mac Keylogger for OS X Mavericks 10.9 is well-designed for the OS X Mavericks users to keep close tabs on almost whole things done on your Mac in completely hidden monitoring mode. It offers a series of powerful monitoring features to allow all Mac users to keep control of the activities at home, school, and even office.

Key features of Aobo Keylogger for OS X Mavericks:

Take a look at key features of Aobo Keylogger for OS X Mavericks. You will be surprised by its powerful features.

  • Invisible monitoring and recording
  • Keep records of all keystrokes typed
  • Record whole pressed passwords (Professional only)
  • Log websites visited on OS X Mavericks
  • Log both-side chat messages on Skype/AIM/iChat/Adium
  • Capture desktop screenshots in the preset interval
  • Track IP address of the monitored OS X Mavericks computer
  • Covertly send all recorded logs via Email or FTP
  • View logs remotely on any Internet-connected devices
  • Set passwords to protect the Keylogger for OS X Mavericks
  • Easy and safe to set up Keylogger for OS X 10.9

Keylogger for OS X Mavericks makes it possible for the OS X 10.9 users to keep all things happening on Mac under your control in a secret and undetectable mode. With the broad spread of the technology nowadays, the safety when using the Mac computers becomes more and more important than ever. Mac Keylogger for OS X 10.9 Mavericks can record all typed texts, both-side chat conversations, composed email content, social networking activities and more.

Taking the online safety into consideration, the Keylogger for OS X Mavericks 10.9 becomes more necessary and important in this modern society. Additionally, people have become more dependent on the Mac computers, so more attention should be paid as well. With keylogger for OS X 10.9, you are allowed to watch whatever the users are doing on the target Mac.

Aobo Mac keylogger for OS X Mavericks is the ideal Mac monitoring software for families, employers, etc. It can capture the desktop screenshots in a preset interval so that you can set a reasonable time interval to help you know what is happening on the screen of Mac. Besides, with the remote monitoring, this Mac keylogger is certain to enable you to watch all these activities in a safe and secret situation.

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