Apple iPad Keylogger for iPad 2

Apple iPad Keylogger for iPad 2

Especially targeted for consumption of media like music, books, movies, music, and games, the iPad is coming hot these years. iPad also becomes an indispensable tool of web or e-mail access. People really love this smart and small laptop computer.

We found that people still have a demand on iPad after iPad hit the market on April 2010.

Like an Aobo Mac Keylogger, the iPad Keylogger has been attracted by many iPad users who need to make a full control of their devices. A keylogger for iPad, specially designed for iPad device, is not only record every typed keystroke on the iPad but also remotely send the logs once the device has an internet connection. Expected by all of the iPad Keylogger lovers, we announce iPad Keylogger is going out soon!

Let’s lift the veil of an iPad Keylogger and check if it’s the best iPad Keylogger you need:

  • – Record any typed password like Email password, Facebook Password.
  • – Record every typed keystroke of the user.
  • – Remember every website the user visit.
  • – Capture iPad desktop screenshots. You can check more information beyond the text.
  • – Remotely send the logs to you by Email. You will have no limits to monitor the iPad.
  • – Work in undetectable mode. No one can detect it.
  • – Set a password protection, your iPad Keylogger is 100% safe.
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