Best Mac Spy App for Family Protection

Best Mac Spy App for Family Protection

Have you ever kept records on how long your family members spend on Mac after they come back home from school or work, or wondered what on earth they do on Mac? It is true that most people spend more and more time on the Internet which gives bad guys more tempting targets, so it is high time for you to monitor the activities of your family members on Mac to protect them in time. Here comes the good news for you – the best Mac Spy App will keep track of what is happening on your family Mac so that you can take prompt actions in case troubles occur.

Kids Protection

Undoubtedly, kids are the one in family who need to be paid more attention to, because they are innocent, curious and vulnerable who will be tempted easily. The Internet is a brand new realm for them which is full of various objects including clothes, food, shelter and travel as well as entertainment. Almost all their demands can be easily satisfied, so the innocent kids will readily trust and depend on it no matter they are offered with good or bad stuff. However, as a parent, it is your obligation to keep watch on your kids so as to guide them to make full use of Internet in the right direction. But you may be in a mess considering how to fulfill this obligation. Now you can be totally relaxed with the best Mac Spy App in hand. After installing the Mac Keylogger by several simple guiding steps, you can monitor your kids easily and secretly. All the keystrokes and chats they make, web sites visited and even passwords entered will be logged, so you will be instantly informed if your kids chat with strangers or play games for a long time or keep visiting bad websites and the like, and then you can take measures to make a change before your kids get inflicted. In a word, the best Mac Spy App is perfect for your kid’s protection.

Spouse Protection

Maybe your spouse spends much time in entertaining on Mac like playing cards or shopping or working overtime or your spouse devotes most of his/her time on Mac to chatting with others in ambiguous voice, It is not appropriate to use the best Mac Spy App to find out the truth or save your marriage in time. Amac Keylogger covertly records all the both-side chat conversation in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN, Adium and periodically captures desktop screenshots, and then sends those logs to your preset email/ FTP with no one else access. By checking on those logs, you can recognize some subtle signs which warn you on the alert. Still, you cannot use the best Mac Spy App to have a knowledge of your spouse to keep your marriage safe and fresh.

Amac Keylogger also promotes Family License for up to 3 computers on behalf of your needs which benefit you with lower cost on each keylogger. It is your obligation to protect your family from being hurt on Mac, and in the same manner, it is our obligation to make sure that you can enjoy the top-notch service with our best Mac Spy App all the time.

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