Best Monitoring Software for Mac

Best Monitoring Software for Mac

Are you still searching for a good monitoring software for Mac? Aobo keystroke logging software for Mac or Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac must be your best choice! It is a piece of Mac monitoring software that records all passwords that typed on the target Mac. With Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can easily get the information about what your family members are doing on your Mac, if your employees are working hard in their working time or whether your students are searching the websites you don’t want them to visit in their computer classes. Now this unique keylogger software for Mac allows all of you to monitor whatever you want remotely and invisibly!

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Family Activity Monitoring

If you are looking for ways to protect your children while they are using your Mac and surfing the Internet, you can use Mac monitoring software to do your parental control. After installing the best monitoring software for Mac, it helps you record all keystrokes typed on any applications so that you can easily know what they have done all day on the Mac. What the most important is that it works in stealth mode, so you don’t need to worry that your children may find they are monitored.

Employee Activity Monitoring

Many employees like to play computer games, chat with friends, and watch videos and download files which are nothing related to their job. The best monitoring software for Mac will help you find out what they are doing when they are assumed to be working. It records the history of the website so that you can know what your employees do in working time. Apart from website logging, the best monitoring software for Mac also records chat conversations. In a word, if you use it, there will be no secret about your employees.

Student Activity Monitoring

Many teachers reflect that children tend to do something unrelated to their study in classes, especially when digital gadgets like Mac computers are available as study resources. Using Aobo Mac Keylogger, one of the best keylogger software for Mac, teachers can solve all these problems by putting supervision on students during their academic hours. It is easy to track their activities with its keystroke logger, so they will have no choice but to use the network for the educational purpose only.

All of the above information recorded will be sent to email, FTP or a cloud server. Aobo Keylogger for Mac and Easemon for Mac, the recommended monitoring software for Mac, provides more functions, for example, taking screenshots periodically to offer vivid records, and offering protection tech to prevent unauthorized approach.

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