Can I Catch Cheating Spouse With Amac Keylogger?

Can I Catch Cheating Spouse With Amac Keylogger?

You may be looking for methods and resources to discover a cheating spouse in the act. One method that you may want to take involves installing a Mac Keylogger to catch your spouse cheating on you by monitoring his/her online activity, as the Internet makes it to some extent undemanding to people to begin abnormal relationships online.

However, it is illegal to do so in some cases, especially when you install Amac Keylogger onto the target’s Mac without him/her knowing! Because what a Mac Keylogger will do is to record and store all keystrokes that are typed on a Mac OS X.

If you think Amac Keylogger will help you uncover the real truth when you suspect your wife is having an affair with others or your husband is cheating on you, you need to quickly change or mind. This could be law violating.

However, installing Amac Keylogegr is reasonable in some situations. For instance, you are a parent who wants to check the online status of your kids. The Mac Keylogger from Amac, which is specially designed for Mac OS X users, allows you to see what your children do online and build a record of his/her online activities.

  • Mac Keylogger logs both-side chat conversations in Skype, iChat, Adium, MSN and AIM to let you know which one your kid is talking to and what he/she is talking about.
  • Mac Keylogger records websites visited in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and passes information to you on what kind of websites your kid is visiting.
  • Mac Keylogger takes screenshots of the computer desktop to let you know whether your kids are video chatting with strangers and what they are doing.
  • Mac Keylogger delivers reports to a preset email address so that you can check logs easily at any time.

It is foolish to blindly trust your kids. You never know what they do online. It’s often easier for you to work through the process if you turn to some outside help. Apply a Mac Keylogger as that’s what it is in the business of doing. This is a tried and truly helpful tool that will help you to get the details that you require in this situation.

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