Aobo Keylogger – Chat Monitor for Mac

Aobo Keylogger – Chat Monitor for Mac

Aobo Keylogger is also known as a chat monitor for Mac OS X. A Chat Monitor for Mac stealthily logs chats from Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium on Mac OS X and sends chat logs to Email box or FTP space for the remote review. Millions of children, employees, husbands, and wives are engaging in instant messaging every day when they should not. Much has been reported about dangers and losses on the Internet without effective supervision of chat monitoring software for mac. If your child is going to get in trouble online, your employee productivity is reduced, chances are that it is happening with the help of instant messengers. So it is necessary to install Chat Monitor for Mac.

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Chat Monitor for Mac Records Chat Conversations.

Being able to monitor instant messengers on Mac provides detailed information of how your kids and employees behave online. Keylogger chat mac records chat conversations from Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium on Mac. Apart from chat conversations, this kind of apps also records the message senders and time stamps when the chat is taken place.

Facebook chats typed on the Mac installed Chat monitoring for mac os x will be tracked. If the user logins Facebook account with Adium or other supported instant messengers on Mac, the both-side chat conversations can be recorded as well.

Chat Monitor for Mac Will Send Chat Logs to You Invisibly

A Chat Monitoring Software for Mac works invisibly and automatically when the Mac starts up. It generates reports of both-side instant messages and then delivers all the chat logs collected by Chat Monitor for Mac to an Email address, FTP space or a cloud server. The log reports are also a helping hand for backing up the chat logs in case your kids or employees clear their chat history.

A Chatmonitoring software for mac can be very useful in families and companies. When it is working on the Mac without being detected, you are getting to know the exact recent status of your family and staff members.

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