Nainstalovat Amac Keylogger

Nainstalovat Amac Keylogger

Amac Keylogger for Mac provides advanced features with easy operations. After installation, users can set up the Keylogger pro Mac to log keystrokes, screenshots, websites, chats and IP address.

    Amac Keylogger for Mac helps you

  • Monitor your kids Get typing, browsing and chatting history as well as desktop activities of your kids.
  • Supervise employees Figure out whether your employees are doing their duty or wasting time while looking like they are hard at work.
  • Locate your Mac Amac Keylogger logs the IP address and sends the information to your email, which helps you locate and retrieve your Mac.
  • Forbid to Catch a cheating spouse You can not use Amac Keylogger to discover the truth by making sure if your spouse is chatting with someone or visiting online dating sites.

Start your keylogger and know the truth now!

  1. Download installer package at Amac Keylogger for Mac Free Trial Page
  2. Open the installer package and run Amac-Keylogger-STD
  3. Use Hot Key Ctrl+alt+M to open Amac Keylogger for Mac
  4. Click Open System Preferences>Universal Access
  5. Check Povolit přístup k pomůcek and close the window
  6. Open the Keylogger and click Next and OK

The Keylogger for Mac has been successfully installed! You can now access Amac Keylogger for Mac with Hot Key.

Poradce při potížích:

To solve the problem "can’t be opened in because it is from an unidentified developer" and install Amac Keylogger in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, please:

  1. RIGHT CLICK the installer and select “otevřeno” to install.
  2. Click on “otevřeno” when it asks if you are sure to open the file.

If you cannot use right click, please hold “Řízení” key on keyboard and click the installer

  • Users who previously checked Povolit přístup k pomůcek have no Step 4 & 5. Please just start configuration with Hot Key Ctrl+alt+M,
  • Quick_Start.pdf provides comprehensive user guide. Please configure the keylogger according to it after installation.

Install Amac Keylogger PRO

Please open the file “Quick_Start_PRO.pdf” from installation package you downloaded. Follow the instructions in “Quick_Start_PRO.pdf”

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