Tips: which Aobo Mac Keylogger edition should I choose

Tips: which Aobo Mac Keylogger edition should I choose

Many users of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger purchase too quickly without taking well consideration about selecting which keylogger edition. As a result, they have to upgrade purchase or switch to a different edition. To make sure every user understand which edition to use, Aobo will give some basic instructions about how to select a suitable version between Standard and Professional here.

  • First of all, the Standard edition is 50% cheaper than the Professional edition.
  • If you want to record password, please choose Professional edition. But be sure that you know the admin password of the target Mac before you purchase the Professional edition.
  • If you feel that you are not so familiar with Mac software installation, please choose the Standard edition. Standard is easy to install and use while the Professional is a little bit complicated for junior Mac users.
This is only a basic guide. If you have any further question, please turn to Aobo Mac Keylogger FAQ.

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