Register Amac Keylogger

Register Amac Keylogger

Amac Keylogger, offering 3-day free Keylogger for Mac trial downloading, is an invisible keylogger for Mac OS X users that logs keystrokes, websites, chat conversations and screenshots.

After free trial, please register Amac Keylogger with your license key to continue to use. Get a license key from Amac Keylogger Ost page.

Register Amac Keylogger

How to register Amac Keylogger for Mac:

  • Click “Activate Amac” button at the top of the keylogger interface
  • Type into your license key and click “OK”
  • “Congratulations! Registration successful!” message shows up
  • Click “OK” to finish registration

Registreerimine ebaõnnestus Amac Keylogger for Mac?

Message: “Invalid Key! Registration unsuccessful!”
  • If your license key format is “xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”, please note that each string contains 2 letters and 2 numbers.
  • If your license key format is “xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”, Please remember that there is no number in the license key.
  • Palun veenduge, et kõik litsentsivõtme tähed on pealinnas. Ei ole madal täht on võti.
  • Palun kontrollige, kas olete lisanud lisatühikuid litsentsi võti viga. Nr ruumi on lubatud litsentsivõti.
Message: “Connection Error! Not able to validate registration at this time!”
  • Palun veenduge, et saate avada https lehel Mac. nt .:
  • Kui te ei saa avada lehekülge eespool, siis veenduge, et teie Interneti-ühendus on sisse lülitatud.
  • Palun kontrollige, kas seal on Parental Control Mac ja keelata. Pärast registreerimist saate uuesti lubada Parental Control.
  • Ära unusta seadeid kolmanda osapoole vanemliku kontrolli vahendid, kui teil on neid oma Mac.
Message: “The maximum licensed user count has been reached!”
  • You run out of the registration count limit of your license code. If you believe there is something wrong, please contact Support Team.

If the above instructions do not solve your problem, please contact Amac Keylogger Tech Support Team

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