Facebook Child Controls- Aobo Mac Keylogger

Facebook Child Controls- Aobo Mac Keylogger

When you are at the first sight of the title, you may ask why we need the keylogger for Mac software to monitor our children upon Facebook. Let me start with the following details.

A recent survey of 1,500 children aged between 10 and 17 in Facebook shows that nearly 25% children have been harmed due to their nude picture exposure to the Internet, and even some of them have sex experience just because of the solicitation of their buddies.

Let’s look at these numbers on Facebook:

  • Anytime, there are 50,000 lovemaking predators online.
  • Almost 22% of targets of the online predators are between the age of 10 and 13.
  • About 4% kids have been requested to meet their net friends someplace, or send them cash or gifts.
  • Around 20% kids experienced the sexual solicitation.

In order to provide kids a better and securer internet circumstance, parents must use a piece of software which can keep track of children’s web use, email as well as their chat conversations. For Mac OS X users, the best parental control monitoring software is Aobo keylogger for Mac. With the function of recording Facebook chat conversations with iChat, AIM, Adium for both sides, it will provide detailed information of your kids’ Facebook activities. Therefore, you will precisely know what they are doing online. With the help of this keylogger for Mac, you will know who has become a buddy of your kids and who are getting in touch with them. Through viewing the chat logs recorded by Aobo keylogger for Mac, you will understand if your kid is actually communicating with a forty-year old man with evil purpose.

__ written by Emma L. Evans

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