Family Keylogger for Mac to Protect Your Family Safe Online

Family Keylogger for Mac to Protect Your Family Safe Online

It has become more and more convenient and easier to get information in this intelligent era. Especially when computers and Internet form one of the entertainment and education centers in families all over the world, it becomes more important than ever to monitor your children online activity. If you have a Mac in your house, there is Family Keylogger Mac available that allows you to monitor exactly how your home Mac is used when you are not around.

Peculiarity of Amac Family Keylogger for Mac

  • Run in complete stealth mode automatically as the users log in
  • Monitor all user accounts on a Mac with only one installation
  • Log every hit keystroke including accounts and Email contents
  • Record chat messages in Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium and MSN
  • Log visited website URLs and more in Safari, Firefox and Chrome
  • Record typed Password on Mac with Amac Keylogger Professional
  • Send logs to your Email box or upload logs to FTP space (Optional)
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Through recording the features listed above, parents can easily know if your kids upload any improper photos, videos, or other private information online. Today’s hackers trend to make use of these private files online to do many bad things for kids, which is very dangerous. Besides, children aren’t the only ones who might need to be monitored with a Family Keylogger Mac. Partners spending money and time on porn/dating websites or flirting with others can cause serious marital problems. If you are convinced your spouse might be engaging in these activities, it’s inappropriate for you to find out the truth with it.

If you are looking for a Family Keylogger Mac, however, it is not a decision to be taken too rashly. You need a solution that does the job effectively with running in stealth mode and comprehensive monitoring features.

Amac Family Keylogger for Mac provides you with ultimate Mac Spy solution. Easy to install and with the ability to run completely undetected to the user of your computer, Amac Family Keylogger for Mac gives you everything you need in the form of detailed reports which are stored secretly on the Mac for later review or can be sent via Email for remote check. Amac Family Keylogger Mac will tell you the contents of typed text, composed Emails and IM chat messages, websites visited, applications launched and much more. It can also be set up to take periodic screenshots of the desktop, giving you a thorough visual history of how your home Mac is used.

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