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  • 1. Install Easily

    Amac Keylogger for Mac is quickly and easily set up onto the target Mac. No Mac experience required.

  • 2. Setup Quickly

    Amac Keylogger for Mac starts working in stealth mode and invisibly records everything on the Mac.

  • 3. Logs Sent Silently

    The recorded data is secretly and automatically delivered via preset email/FTP by users.

  • 4. View Log Remotely

    Amac users check the logs in remote locations like Windows PC, Mac and Smart Phones.

Access Your Logs From Anywhere in the World!

By setting up Amac Keylogger for Mac, users can Remotely Access the Logs from other devices such as Windows PC, other Mac computers, Mobile Phones, at Any Time and Any Where easily and freely!


  • "This program tells you what was typed and what web sites were opened. It even monitors who someone is chatting with on Instant Messengers. I highly recommend this program."-E. Wojnaroski
  • "This is a great product. I absolutely love the family keylogger for my Mac. Please give the programmer who made it props as he did a great job. Keep up the excellent work!"-J. Haworth
  • "This app is very good. I've tried most of the Mac keyloggers in my office and this program installs and operates easier than most of them. Simple, straightforward, effective."-N. Aleyd


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Secretly Record Everything with Amac Keylogger for Mac!

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