Free Keylogger for Mac

Free Keylogger for Mac

Many friends asked me whether there is a free keylogger for Mac os x. I told them there is some kind of keystroke recording software for mac os x, but for a Free Stealth keylogger for Mac, it is impossible because if this kind of software does exist in the market, it will get abused soon and our online safety will be in threatened.

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac
Aobo Keylogger Mac Offers Free Trial

If you would like to use a Mac keylogger for free, Aobo Keylogger for Mac Free Trial is a good choice.

Why do we need a Keylogger for Mac?

  • Protect your kids

Internet has been spread more and more widely with the development of the science and technology. New problems have arisen with internet: children visit the porn web sites and they may chat with some bad guys even see each other in the real word. They addict in the computer games and online games which are harmful to their physical and mental health.

  • Catch the cheating spouse

Another problem is the cheating spouses. The divorce rate in recent year has risen a lot. Internet brings more convenience to communicating. People chat with their friends online and knows each other easily. More communication brings up more cheating spouses.

  • Monitor your employees

Employees are very tricky. They may chat or play games online in the working time for free, that’s a big waste of money and time! What’s worse? Sometimes they steal the company’s secret and sell it to your competitors! To protect your company secrets and control the efficiency, you need to install Keylogger spy software on the company computers.

Keylogger for Mac features may include:

  • Stealth and invisible monitoring
  • Log keystrokes & passwords
  • Take desktop screenshots
  • Record IM chat conversations
  • Track websites visited
  • Send the logs via email/FTP
  • Password protected
  • Automatically delete old logs
  • Pause screenshots on inactivity
  • Customizable Hot Key
  • Monitor multiple user accounts
  • Customizable screenshots quality
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