How Aobo Keylogger for Mac Timer Working?

How Aobo Keylogger for Mac Timer Working?

Aobo Mac Keylogger is equipped with the function to send logs periodically and automatically. This function depends on an Email timer. If the mail tab has been installed correctly, including the Port 587, the test email turns out to be under the normal condition.

Tips to ensure the success of receiving Aobo Mac Keylogger emails:

  1. Check the intervals of email and screenshot.
    The Email interval is supposed to be set more than half an hour. The interval of screenshot should be set less than half of the Email’s, but it shouldn’t be too short. Because if the interval is shorter than a quarter of Email’s, a great many of screenshots will be sent as Email attachment instead of Email content, which will lead to the failure of sending Emails due to the over-sized attachment. So make sure that the screenshot interval you set is 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 of the email interval.
  2. Check Mac computer energy saver.
    Usually, when Mac has been idle for a while, it will go into the power-saving sleep mode. If the Mac goes to sleep, the keylogger will sleep as well. During the sleeping period, all the logs can’t be sent to email. However, when the Mac wakes up, the keylogger will also wake up. And the timer will keep on calculating from the time before Mac sleeps. If you want to change the setting of Mac sleeping, please click here for help:

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