How to Capture Keystrokes on a Mac

How to Capture Keystrokes on a Mac

Logging keystrokes is one way for you to track activities on your computer. It is also a method used by administrators to track all of the employees’ inputs on the office computers during the working hours. The program which is used to capture keystrokes is a keylogger.

A program specially designed for capturing the keystrokes on a Mac computer available today is called Aobo Keylogger for Mac. Here are some procedures telling you how to capture keystrokes by Aobo Keylogger for Mac.

  1. Before installation, Please go to System Preference – Universal Access and check Enable access for assistive devices.
  2. Download Aobo Keylogger for Mac installation package from websites or the link in order email.
  3. Install the keylogger following the guide in “ReadMe”. The installation steps of Professional edition will be more than Standard editions’.
  4. Use hotkey to bring up the keylogger interface and configure it according to instructions.
  5. After the installation and configuration are completed, please reboot your Mac.
  6. When your keylogger starts working, please type more than 100 keystrokes to test it.

Caution: It is vital that you can only use this keylogger for Mac on the Mac which belongs to yourself, or you should previously tell the users that the program is running if you don’t own the computer. Otherwise, you may get into the trouble of privacy invasion.

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