How to Detect a Mac Keylogger?

How to Detect a Mac Keylogger?
A keylogger for mac os x is software that records everything you type. It can be used to steal passwords, record websites, take screenshots, steal credit card numbers, PIN numbers, bank accounts and personal information. Although Macs are infected with keyloggers less often than PCs, they are not immune to the keylogger mac problem. There are several ways to detect a keylogger on a mac, from simply reviewing the processes running on the computer to using a mac os spy detection program. Step 1 Open the Activity Monitor to check for unknown process. This system tool will allow you to view the programs (processes) currently running on your computer. Step 2 Check and Research any unfamiliar processes running in your “Activity Monitor.” Critical system processes sometimes have unrecognizable names, however, and keyloggers may have a name that sounds legitimate. Step 3 Download and install a mac keylogger detector or another software firewall. This type of mac software alerts you when another program tries to connect to the Internet. It will detect a keylogger for mac before it sends information over the Internet, and allow you to block it.

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