How to Identify a Keylogger with Good Quality for Mac

How to Identify a Keylogger with Good Quality for Mac

With development of the technology, more and more keyloggers for Mac OS X have come into the market. Part of them with very poor quality will miss activities performed on your Mac and they are even easy to be detected! Here are several tips about how to identify a high quality Keylogger for Mac as follow.

– Full functions Besides basic keylogger demands such as recording keystrokes typed, desktop screenshots, and websites visited, a high qualified Keylogger for Mac should be capable of recording the chat conversions of both sides. In addition, a keylogger with good quality can record the password in asterisk as well. Take Aobo keylogger for Mac as an example. Aobo Mac keylogger is able to record the Adium/ Aim/ Skype/ MSN/ iChat chat logs of both sides, and its Profession Edition can record the encrypted passwords.

– Having a high level of stealthy work A perfect Keylogger for Mac should give you the option not to leave icon in the Dock. In addition, a keylogger with high quality is difficult to be detected by anti-keylogger programs.

– Free trial for testing A Keylogger with good quality for Mac will allow you to download a free trial for testing. After the test, you will decide whether it is worthy of the price. Aobo Keylogger for Mac offers 3-day free trial.

– Professional customer service An outstanding keylogger for Mac should offer a sound customer service system. In case the users get problems of using the keylogger, the problems can get resolved as soon as possible. Aobo keylogger for Mac offers working-hour live support to their users. Users can even deal with their problem by themselves by just referring to the FAQ as their FAQ system is very comprehensive.

All in all, a topping Keylogger for Mac should be possessed of all the abilities above. Remember, it should be also easy to install and use. If you are in need of a keylogger for Mac, Aobo keylogger for Mac will be your best choice. After purchasing, you will have life-time use of it.

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