How to Stop Aobo Keylogger from Sending Emails Remotely

How to Stop Aobo Keylogger from Sending Emails Remotely

Making Aobo Mac Keylogger to send log emails to you allows you to know all things happened on Mac remotely without accessing the Mac computer physically. With the Mac spy software, you can not only record passwords, keystrokes, websites, emails, screenshots, but also send all logs via email in a preset interval remotely.

If you want to stop Aobo Keylogger from sending emails remotely, the easiest way is to open the keylogger and uncheck "Send logs by email" if you are able to get access to the target Mac. But if not, you can follow the trick shown in the following to stop Aobo Keylogger for Mac sending emails remotely.

Here is the trick from one of Aobo Mac Keylogger users.

To stop Aobo Mac Keylogger from sending emails, there is an easy trick to help you. One of Aobo Keylogger users just has changed the password of email used, and Aobo Mac Keylogger won’t deliver logs successfully.

If you want to receive logs again, you just need to reset the password back to original one, and it will send logs remotely.


  • You don’t need to worry if there is a message popping up when the password is changed, because the keylogger won’t show any warning message and continue working secretly.

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