Apple iPad Keylogger

Apple iPad Keylogger
  • Stealthy & automatic monitoring
  • Log Keystrokes & Passwords
  • Record in/out SMS and Calls
  • Log Safari history & Track GPS
  • Take snapshots of device screen
  • Send log reports via Email/FTP

iPad Keylogger Mac app? Aobo Software has released a Keylogger for iPad.

The iPad operating system is mixture of Apple Mac OS X and iPhone OS. It runs all the same apps of iPhone plus the dock feature of Mac OS X. The Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) will enable an iPad Keylogger app to upload the logs to web, similar to iPhone spy software Mobile Spy and Mac spy software (Aobo Mac Keylogger).

iPad can be used as a small computer. Its price is about twice of iPhone, and it is much more handy. It will spread to the world immediately as it is released. We love the Apple iPad, so we concern a lot on the iPad security, that’s why we decide to develop an iPad Keylogger app.

With an iPad Keylogger app, you don’t need to worry about the security any more. It will record the iPad activities and send the activity logs to your email or FTP space via the Internet connection. So you can track the iPad remotely even if it is lost or stolen.

As you know, an iPhone Spy Software can record text messages, call history, GPS location, web history, emails and much more. However, the current iPad doesn’t support text messages or phone calls, so we offer specially designed features for iPad users.

Here are the features of an Apple iPad Keylogger

  • Record SMS
    – Record every short message sent and received on iPhone and iPad.
  • Record Keystrokes
    – Record all the keystrokes on the iPad even the passwords you typed.
  • Record Websites
    – The iPad Keylogger will record websites visited with Safari.
  • Record Screenshots
    – You can see what’s going on through the screenshots of the iPad desktop.
  • Track GPS Locations
    – Show a history of where the phone holder has been with GPS tracking.
  • Send Logs to Email/FTP
    – Send the logs to your email or FTP space so you can check it anywhere.
  • Stealth and Undetectable
    – The iPad Keylogger will run in stealth and undetectable mode.
  • Password Protection
    – With the password protection, no one can change the iKeyMonitor settings.

What can you do with an Apple iPad Keylogger?

Monitor Who Gets Your iPad
Monitor Who Gets Your iPad

The iPad Keylogger records passwords, SMS and email messages sent by users and sends them to you so you will know who uses the phone even if it is stolen.

Spouse Monitoring on iPad
Family Monitoring on iPad

The iPad Keylogger keeps tabs on your family members and digs out their suspicious behavior. With Apple iPad Keylogger, you can know the truth easily.

Parental control on iPad
Parental control on iPad

With the help of iPad Keylogger, responsible parents can see what your children are doing on your iPad and protect them from bad guys and online dangers.

Please download the free trial of iKeyMonitor – iPad Keylogger app.

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