Is It Legal to Monitor Employees in the Workplace?

Is It Legal to Monitor Employees in the Workplace?

“Is it legal for me to monitor my employee’s activity in the workplace with keylogger?” In the UK, this is the first question asked by business owners and managers when they consult the lawyer about the labor law about using the keylogger monitoring software. These days, due to the financial crisis, an increasing number of employers are using employee monitoring keylogger software to reduce malpractice within their companies so as to increase productivity.

“Not only is it legal, it could be argued that it is mandatory.” answered by Mike Huss, Peninsula’s Senior Employment Law Specialist.

If you do not monitor them with keylogger, you do not know the quality or quantity; you do not know if they are visiting inappropriate internet sites; you do not know if they are doing any work or you do not know if they are forwarding downloads from inappropriate sites to other staff who might feel harassed or threatened by them.

However, to make utilizing keylogger legal, employees should be made aware that it is your policy to monitor them with keylogger and you in fact do so and will take action against transgressors. The details should be spelt out in contracts of employment and the employee handbook as appropriate.

Therefore, as a business owner or manager, it is your legal rights to monitor your staff with keylogger. Fortunately, for Mac OS users, Aobo keylogger for Mac is available today for you to prevent the abuses of office computers. It is so far the best employee monitoring keylogger software to protect your business from malpractice.

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