Is It right to monitor your employees?

Is It right to monitor your employees?

Do you know what is employee monitoring software? It is a piece of software used by employers to record the staff’s activities on their computers in order to make some restrictions for them when they are using the office computers.

As we all know that with the fast development of science and computer technology, it is almost impossible to run a company without computers with the result that more and more commercial intelligence leak incidents occurred. To prevent those incidents from recurrence, many companies prefer to install employee monitoring program in the office computer. The most eye-catching one is called Aobo keylogger for Mac.

Today employee monitoring is very much a security issue. Kevin Beaver, an American professor has pointed out that it’s absolutely necessary to have employee monitoring if employers want to get a true perspective on what’s entering and leaving the corporate network. However, employees need to be aware of this, as it may serve to give the company a bad name as well as lower morale if their staffs know they are monitored from other channels.

But it is fully unreasonable to monitor employees’ personal computers just because employers are over-concerned that they may leak the business information to others. No one would like to live in the monitored circumstance all day long. Employers should respect the employees’ privacy; otherwise, they may be charged of privacy invasion.

In a word, employee monitoring can do good to the work efficiency. For Mac OS X users, keylogger for Mac can guard against leaking important company information, monitor employees’ inappropriate behavior and increase employees’ productivity.

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