Is There Mac Keylogger for Free?

Is There Mac Keylogger for Free?

There are many people everywhere asking for free keylogger for Mac, in yahoo answer, kinds of forums, communities etc. However, is there truly Mac keylogger for free?

In my own experience, the so-called free keyloggers for Mac we come across in the Internet can be classified into three categories. The most frequent one is the free trial of a Mac keylogger. After a certain free trial period, you have to pay for this Mac keylogger if you want to continue to use it. The second one is free download but non-free use, which is the most common case in the software download sites. After you download a Mac keylogger, you will be asked to input serial number to use it. The last one, also the most dangerous one, is keylogger virus. This keylogger virus is used to steal your personal information. Never use it.

Therefore, there is actually no Mac keylogger for free. Get a Mac keylogger with a good reputation, such as Aobo Mac keylogger. Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support and it is very cheap compared with other products. If you are in need of Mac monitoring software, Aobo Mac keylogger will be your best choice.

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