One of the main problems in most companies is the low efficiency of employees. It is difficult to find out who is hindering or what is reducing employee efficiency, especially when it comes to office equipped with Mac OS X computers. One of the solutions is to install Amac Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Mac to check employee activities.

The invisible Mac用のキーロガーを監視する従業員 from Amac Software allows you to track every trick on office Mac laptops, giving you the most complete information on what, how and when your employees performed. Amac Employee Monitoring Keylogger for Mac records keystrokes, websites, chat content, applications and captures screens of user activity.

とともに Mac用のキーロガーを監視する従業員, you can monitor employees when they use office Mac laptops and surf Internet:

AMAC Mac用のキーロガーを監視する従業員 enables every business manager to detect problems with employees, investigate an important information theft, improve a labor discipline and take employees away from idleness and funs on the work place.

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