Keep Tabs on Mac Activities with Keyboard Recorder for Mac

Keep Tabs on Mac Activities with Keyboard Recorder for Mac

Today the world is awash with the virtual thing – the Internet. People can do almost everything they want online like shopping online, chatting online, searching information online and much more. Definitely, the Internet brings us a lot of convenience and much fun. For example, we don’t need to refer to a lot of books to find the information we want, what we need to do is to type the keywords of the information we want to find, all results will come out! However, more dangers come into being with the wide use of the virtual Internet. So for a better protection online, The keyboard recorder for Mac is certain to do a good job for you!

The virtual Internet world lets a lot of people stay far away from their real life, especially the people become addicted to the computer games and pornography pages. As the most powerful keystroke logger for Mac, the keyboard recorder for Mac allows you to know everything the users do on the target Mac by recording the keystrokes they typed. We will view it together now in the following:

  • Online Searches

    One of the most common things that people do online is searching information. The keystroke recorder for Mac can log the contents that are typed on the searching bar of browsers, so you can know what users usually search on the Internet, and you can also analyze what they are thinking about from the online search logs. Sometimes, they may find some bad information online, in this way, you can find out the truth quickly.

  • Composed Emails

    Sending emails is a common and ordinary thing for many office workers. If you want to figure out what your employees write in the email or if they reveal any confidential information about the company, the keyboard recorder for Mac can help you record all composed email in detail so that you can make everything clear.

  • Social Media Activity

    As the most popular activity for entertainment on the Internet, you must pay more attention to the social media activities of the Mac users. Particularly young people prefer to post their recent status, photos, leave comments on the social media sites. The keylogger for Mac works invisibly on Mac to record account information like user names and passwords, Facebook messages, posts, comments typed online by logging keystrokes.

Apart from recording the keystrokes, the keyboard recorder for Mac provides many more powerful features including logging all visited websites, capturing desktop screenshots, tracking the IP address of the target Mac, recording both-side chat logs in Skype, AIM, MSN, and more.

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