Keylogger for iPad

Keylogger for iPad

As the keylogger for iPad from Aobo software has not been released, people were searching for alternative keylogger for iPad which turns to a disappointment.

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Keylogger and Mobile Spy Software

Today when i read the news, I found a keystroke logger for iPad software which names as – iKeyGuard. It claims that it is The First Keylogger For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If we just talks about iPad keylogger, or iPhone keystroke logger, yes, this one is the first Keystroke logger software for iPad and iPhone. But for iOS spy software, this is not the first one. As I know, there is an iPad/iPhone spy software already which names Mobile Spy.

The mobile spy software supports iPad/iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile/Symbian and many more other systems and phone modules. And it records sms, phone call history, website visits and gps locations. But it doesn’t record keystrokes.

You Need to Jailbreak before You Try These Spy Softwares

So for Keystroke logger, you may choose iKeyGuard, but you need to Jailbreak your iPad/iPhone before you try the iKeyGuard.

For iPad spy software or iPhone spy software, you can use Mobile Spy, which works great on my iPhone/iPad. You need to Jailbreak your iPad/iPhone too.

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