Keylogging for Mac – All You Need to Know

Keylogging for Mac – All You Need to Know

The Amac Spy Software – a keylogger for Mac is the most effective keylogging software for Mac OS. It has numerous features and provides unique options that make it a comprehensive solution for all your keylogging needs.

Outstanding Features of Mac Keylogging Software

  • This is a Keylogger for Mac that Records Passwords. Once the software is installed in the Mac system, the keylogger saves all the passwords that are typed by users. Even if the passwords are shown by asterisks or are hidden, the software detects them easily and saves them.
  • Keylogger for Mac keeps a record of all the data and information on Mac. It saves all documents, related files and notes as well. It also has the option to save keystrokes in multiple languages, including German, Italian, and French, etc.
  • While creating or receiving emails, the usernames and passwords typed in the web clients are automatically saved in this keylogger for Mac. Additionally, the content of the composed mail is also recorded for viewing.
  • Amac Keylogger has the feature of taking snapshots or screenshots of the desktop. The user can also set the picture quality of the screenshot to the optimum level for the best photos.
  • If required, the details of websites as well as the IP addresses of the system can be obtained and delivered to the email address of the user. The location can also be detected with this keylogger for Mac.

Keep an Eye on Search History

The search history in different applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser is stored. Even specific details of the web browsing like the date and time of the search as well as the full address of websites are recorded. All data accessed by the browsers in the Mac is detected. Therefore, the employees cannot escape being found out for any type of information they access on the internet.

Info from social networking sites

One of the most significant features of this keylogger for Mac is its ability to store all Facebook or Twitter chat information. It also records Yahoo messenger details. The chat record of various specific chat applications like Skype, MSN, iChat is instantly stored in the system. The identities of the participating senders who receive the messages is located and transferred to the database to be recorded anytime as needed.

Remote Access to Keylogging Data

This keylogging software for Mac sends all the data and information details automatically to the given email address. The user is given an option to check the record away from his Mac system in a different desktop or Smartphone. This is made possible by remote access service. It grants more flexibility and takes away a lot of space constraints from the employee while in no way adversely affecting the efficiency of the employee.

Will the Employees Find Out About the Installation of This Keylogger for Mac?

The Amac keylogger for Mac is completely invisible on the monitored Mac. It works on stealth mode with no chances of detection at all. There is a secret hotkey that is needed in order to access the keylogger. Moreover, the uninstall of the software is password protected so that it cannot be removed from the Mac system without the presence of authorized individual. This software is being widely adopted. You can seek more information about its success through various online keylogging for Mac reviews.

Where to get Amac Spy Software Keylogger for Mac Free Trial?

If you are an employer looking for effective software to monitor the actions of your workers, or need keylogger for Mac for other similar reasons, you are at the right place. Just follow the website link to get a copy of the software:

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