Keylogger for Mac OS X 10.8

Keylogger for Mac OS X 10.8
Apple will release Mac OS X 10.8. Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X 10.8 will also be released with the compatibility to Mac 10.8 system. When Keylogger for Mac 10.8 finally launches, it could be the top option in the OS X Keylogger family and a 10.8 Keylogger for Mac would be in mass demands.

Aobo Mac 10.8 Keylogger is a safe and easy-to-use keylogger utility that runs stealthily under OS X 10.8 that allows you to monitor and record almost all activities on your Mac. Mac keystroke logger for 10.8 will create logs reports and send them to your own email/FTP. It can be used in the home, school or office to spy and record every detail of your Mac OS X 10.8 activities. The powerful Mac 10.8 Keylogger will tell you exactly their activities on your Mac OS X 10.8.

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Key features of Aobo’s 10.8 Mac OS X Keylogging software:

  • Stealthy and undetectable keylogger for Mac.
  • Record all keystrokes and passwords typed on any applications.
  • Record website visits on a Mac 10.8 mountain Lion computer.
  • Record desktop screenshots in a preset interval.
  • Record both-side chat logs on iChat/AIM/Adium/Skype/MSN.
  • Record passwords typed on a Mac 10.8. (Professional Only)
  • Monitor multiple user accounts on a Mac 10.8.
  • Log the IP address of your monitored 10.8 OS X.
  • Secretly send the logs to your email box or FTP space.
  • Password protected of the program.
  • Easy and safe to setup 10.8 OS X Keylogger.

Everything Will be under Your control on the Mac with 10.8 Keylogger

Mac 10.8 Keylogger makes it easy to know what others did on your Mac while you are away. After it is installed, it will begin secretly logging keystrokes, chat conversations, websites, and so on. Mountain lion keylogger also can instantly send log reports directly to your own email address. Desktop Screenshots can also be taken at specified intervals, so you can view an entire visual history of your 10.8 Mountain Lion.

It’s ideal for parents where children regularly access the Internet with a Mac to have their activities monitored for their safety online with Mac OS X 10.8 keystroke logger.

Mac OS X 10.8 Keystroke logger is as good for monitoring anyone else who is using your Mac OS X 10.8, for example, supervise your employees and staff members on office Macs.

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac OS X 10.8 can also help you catch a cheating spouse who is conducting inappropriate chats, emails online.

With a Mac Keylogging software for 10.8, everything is under your control on the Mac, which makes your life easier and safer than ever.

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