Keylogger for Mac OS X : Monitor Children Remotely

Keylogger for Mac OS X : Monitor Children Remotely

An effective keylogger for Mac OS X is always wanted by worried and protective parents who hope to spy on children’s Mac activities when they are not around. Here comes the question. Is it possible to monitor children’s Macbook without access? What’s the best and most powerful keylogger for Mac OS X for parents to monitor children’s Mac activities?

Why Spy on Children’s Mac with Keylogger for Mac OS X?

When children leave home for college and live away from home, it’s natural for parents to be worried about children’s school life. Parents want to know whether their children have inappropriate performance or encounter trouble or danger at college. Since it’s impossible for parents to watch children’s school life in person, parents may refer to other methods to learn about children’s school life. For children who use Mac, a good keylogger for Mac OS X like Aobo Mac Keylogger is available to parents, with which parents can know everything that children conduct on their Mac. In such way, parents will know if children have encountered trouble and help children avoid further danger in advance.

What Can Keylogger for Mac OS X Do for Parents?

A powerful keylogger for Mac OS X enables parents to know everything on children’s Mac without great efforts. It works secretly and automatically on children’s Mac, and it is hard to be detected by children. Besides, a good keylogger for Mac OS X logs all the keystrokes inputted, record usernames and passwords, record IM chat conversations, record website history, capture screenshots of Mac activities, track social networking activities. It sends all the logs to parents by email or uploads to FTP, which is convenient for parents to view the logs whenever they are.

Is IT Possible to Monitor Mac Activities without Physical Access?

Definitely, it’s almost impossible to monitor Mac activities without physically accessing it. First of all, a keylogger for Mac OS X needs to be installed on the target Mac before it starts to monitor. After the installation is finished, you are able to monitor Mac activities remotely without accessing it. As mentioned above, you can receive the monitoring logs by preset email or FTP.

As the most professional and easy-to-use parental control tool for Mac, Aobo keylogger for Mac OS X is especially designed for Mac OS X. It also provides three-day free trial for all users with basic features. You can test it with your own Mac to experience before purchasing the full-version one.

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