Get a Keylogger for Your New Macbook

Get a Keylogger for Your New Macbook

Mac security is important to MacBook users. Ever wondering to install a software on your Mac so that you can get your Mac back when it is lost or stolen? Keylogger software can help you.

We loved Undercover theft recovery software for the Mac. But this kind of software is limited. You don’t know where the thief is, what’s his name, and what did he do on your Mac.

Here we introduce the keylogger for Mac which helps you get more info about the thief and get the MacBook back.

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What Can the Keylogger Do to Get Your MacBook back?

  • The keylogger for Mac can record the keystrokes and passwords the thief used so you can know his user name and passwords to know more about him.
    Eg. You can get his Facebook user name and passwords to find out Who he is and Where he live. That’s amazing, right?
  • Aobo keystroke logger also captures screenshots of your Mac desktop to show you the activities the thief on your Mac.
    Eg. The thief viewed his or his friends photo on your Mac, then you can know his face and send the info to police.
  • Aobo keystroke logging software also records the chats through AIM/iChat/Adium/MSN/Skype, so you can know the chat conversations of the thief and get clues from it.
  • Most of all, Aobo Mac Keylogger runs in Stealth Mode so the thief won’t notice it. It sends the logs to you by email or FTP secretly.

Interested to keylogger for Mac? Take a free trial now.

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