The Release of OS X10.9 and Keylogger for Mavericks

The Release of OS X10.9 and Keylogger for Mavericks

The Apple Mac maker shows off its latest operating system – OS X Mavericks at its WWDC, 10th 2013 with displaying some new features of iBooks, Apple Maps, tabs, tags, Safari etc. At the same time, the keylogger for OS X Mavericks, the best monitoring software for OS X 10.9, is coming forth with the increasing demand of the Mac security and online protection.

Now let’s catch a glimpse of the new features of OX Mavericks below:

  1. Finder Tabs
    The OS X Mavericks puts forward a new version with the function to merge the multiple windows into one, which enables you to keep a tab for working and another for entertaining in one single finder window. You can shift from entertaining to working or reversely at your will.
  2. Safari
    The newly-ameliorated safari on OS X Mavericks focus on optimizing the inner performance to give the users a better searching experience, such as reduce the occupation of the CPU while operating the safari, lessen the energy consumption during the operation.
  3. Maps and iBooks
    Apple map contains all the geography information all around the world on your computer, which is accurate and practical for you. With the help of the bookmark of the Apple map, you can visit your favorite place with a click to see the brief pictures. iBooks allows the users to adjust the highlight the contents or make the take notes in iCloud at your preference.
  4. Calendar
    The calendar has changed its image to a bright and fresh one along with the powerful functionality. You can make your choice. One of the highlights of the calendar is the specific information on the new event inspector. Once you have added the event to the calendar, it will show you the suggested location with the connection of the Apple map, the estimated travel time based on your choice and the forecast of the weather completely to help you fulfill your plan.
  5. Notification
    The notification of the OS X Mavericks enables you to reply the message, respond to the video call and even your Mac is in sleep mode. Furthermore, you can get to know the latest news even though your safari is not running. Additionally, it can receive the message when you are away and notify to you when you come back again so as to ensure that you won’t miss any important news.

The keylogger for OS X 10.9 plays an important role in guaranteeing Mac security, providing online protection. It is used for the good for all OS X Mavericks users by offering numerous professional features. With powerful Amac Keylogger for OS X Mavericks, you can:

  • Monitor Entire Activities Invisibly

The OS X 10.9 keylogger works invisibly to record all things done on the OS X Mavericks nowadays. It is able to hide itself in the background of the new operating system – OS X 10.9. It can be applied to parental control, employee monitoring, network control etc. All of those can be conducted in a completely secret mode so that the keylogger for OS X Mavericks will work smoothly.

  • Monitor & Record Almost Everything

The keylogger for OS X Mavericks is able to record all keystrokes and passwords typed, websites visited, email composed, chat conversations, social networking activities, as well as take screenshots, track IP address and more. By the means, you are certain to know what is happening on the OS X Mavericks.

  • Install and Use Simply

The keylogger for OS X Mavericks has many powerful features, but it is very simple to install and use. Generally, it can be installed simply in just several minutes, then works every time when your OS X Mavericks starts, and records and sends all logs happening automatically.

  • View and Control Remotely

If you are worrying that your children, or employees may find that they are monitored on the OS X Mavericks, now the keylogger for OS X 10.9 will help you solve the mind of anxiety, for it sends all logs automatically to you via Email or FTP so that you can view and know all things instantly and remotely on any devices which is connected to the Internet.

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