How To Use Keystroke Logger for Mac

How To Use Keystroke Logger for Mac

A Keystroke Logger for Mac logs keystrokes typed on it, which can be very helpful in many ways. Many hackers will use it to log keystrokes on a victim’s computer, but not all keystroke logger for Mac are used for vicious purposes.

One of the most common benefits of logging keystrokes on Mac is that you can back up your data typed on the Mac like your important files or emails. Another important reason is that many people can use Keystroke Logger for Mac to monitor their kids’ activities online, or what their employees do during working time.

Download Free Trial

Whatever the purpose, all the Mac users can obtain a Free Keystroke Logger for Mac Trial that must be meet all your demands. Therefore, there are several steps about how to log keystrokes on Mac:

Download Keystroke Logger

There is little free keystroke logger for Mac that you can download. Even if you download a free one, you must take a lot of risks. Free keystroke logger for Mac may be viruses that damage your system or steal your private information. As an alternative, you can download a Keystroke Logger for Mac Free Trial which is much safer for you.

Install and Open Keylogger

Open the downloaded file, double click the installer program and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

If you use Aobo Mac Keylogger, it will run invisibly and automatically when your Mac starts up. You can not find it on the Mac because of its stealthy mode. It is more convenient for monitoring. In addition, you can click the hot key to open the program and set it by yourself.

Set Up Keystroke Logging Software

The options of every keylogger are different, so you should set the customized options available to desired preferences. Such as you can set the interval of screenshots recording or email sending, and you can also set the keystrokes logging software will run when the Mac starts up.

Remove the Trace and Restart Your Mac

After installing the program and setting up all the options, you should remove the downloaded files and restart your Mac, and then the logging keystrokes on Mac will run invisibly and automatically. You don’t need to manually let it run, because it will start to work automatically in stealth mode.

Receive and View Logs Remotely

You could receive the reports via email or FTP, so you can know clearly about what they do on the Mac even if you are in a remote location. For Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional, it can help you record all keystrokes including the passwords typed on the Mac, which is more powerful than other keyloggers that can not really do like this.

From the six steps above, you can know clearly about how to log keystrokes on your Mac. If you want to find a powerful keystroke logger for Mac, you can download a free trial of Aobo Mac Keylogger which is designed for all Mac users. Don’t hesitate, it will meet all your requirements.

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