Stop Using Keystroke Logger for Mac Catches Cheating Spouse

Stop Using Keystroke Logger for Mac Catches Cheating Spouse

You always suspect that your partner is having an affair in recent days, but no evidence can prove your suspicion. Although Amac Keystroke Logger for Mac will help you find out the truth and save your marriage, it is illegal for you to use it. It is wrong for you to make sure whether your spouse is concealing another life from you or cheating on you with the invisible Keystroke Logger for Mac.

It is known to us that all affairs require communication. Nowadays the main communication place has become the computer. So it is the first place that you should start looking for subtle signs of an affair. Even if she or he spends a lot of time every day on computer to chat with others, you can not install a Keystroke Logger for Mac to check out whether he/she is using the Internet to communicate inappropriately with members of the opposite sex.

Amac Keystroke Logger for Mac logs every keystroke pressed on Mac, records all the chat conversation in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN, Adium, and captures desktop screenshots periodically. These screenshots later can be replayed in slide form. Although all the logged information will be sent to your email address, it is improper for you to make use of it to find out whether your partner betrays you.

The Keystroke Logger for Mac works in stealth mode by default, but you are forbidden to install it to catch a cheating spouse. It works secretly. It won’t announce itself as starting when Mac starts up, and it probably won’t be shown in the list of applications or Activity Monitor, unless you press a secret key combination which is at awkward place on the keyboard, which prevents others from triggering them accidentally. Remember you can never catch a cheating spouse with the invisible Mac Keylogger, .

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