Choose the Best Keystroke Recorder Mac on the Market

Choose the Best Keystroke Recorder Mac on the Market

We live in a world where computer security has become one of the most important issues in our lives. With our day-to-day life being closely coupled with one tech gadget or another, we have been forced to address the issues of their security for our own safety’s sake. A keystroke recorder Mac application is one of the major ways that we can ensure that no such security breaches occur on our Apple computers.

A keystroke recorder Mac application can be used to protect both our own personal computers at home and, on a corporate level, the ones that are at our places of work.

Which to Choose?

A quick online search for "keystroke recorder Mac" will result in hundreds of products that are on the market. Their prices might range from absolutely free to one that would make most people wince.

So, how can one choose the best keystroke recorder for Mac computers?

To answer the question let us have a look at some features that would be very vital in both the home and corporate environments and make sure that the one we choose has all of them:

  • Easy to Install and Use:
    A keystroke recorder Mac application must be easy to install, configure and use – even by a person who has the most basic knowledge of technology.
  • Optimal Default Settings:
    The default settings of the software should be able to handle and address as many issues as possible without having to have an expert’s configuration skills.
  • Non-Resource Intensive:
    A keystroke recorder for Mac computers should be able to run without sucking up too much memory. A sudden drop in performance might alert the user that there is something running in background.
  • Not Easily Spotted:
    The whole purpose of having a Mac Keystroke recorder installed is to catch an unauthorized user or one that is accessing information that is restricted. If they can see that the application is running or can easily find it – whether while searching for it or stumble upon it unintentionally – it will have failed in attaining its intended results.
  • More than Just Capturing Keystrokes
    Although the name "keystroke recorder Mac" implies that all that it is expected to do is capture and record keystrokes, that shouldn’t be the case. In the early days of the development of these types of software it is true that all that the person using the software could see were the individual keys that had been pressed. It was quite a daunting task to try and figure out what was pressed and couple it with why it was pressed.

The latest software, however, are a totally different story. Apart from recording keystrokes, they are capable of:

  • Capturing screenshots right off of the screen.
    This allows the keylogger recorder controller to have a clearer image of what is going on – as opposed to just seeing keys pressed and not having a clue why.
  • Monitoring chats and instant messages.
    A good keystroke recorder will be able to capture the message of not only the person on whose computer the software has been installed on, but also that of the one at the other end of the conversation.
  • Reasonably Priced
    The price tag of software doesn’t always reflect the capability of its performance. Today, there are free keystroke recorder Mac applications that can perform just as well as, if not better than, the ones with premium prices. But then again, it doesn’t mean that just because they are free one should opt for them either. It isn’t uncommon to find such keystroke recorder Mac freeware that have malicious software hidden in them – thus exposing the person using them even more damage and security risks. A fine line needs to be walked when buying these kinds of software.

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