How to Install Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Standard

How to Install Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Standard
Do you know how your Macbook /iMac / PowerPC has been used while you are away? Do you know what your kids are doing online, are they chatting with bad guys, visiting porn websites? Are your employees working or playing with the company mac machines. How to install Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard?
  1. 다운로드 Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard.
  2. Open the keylogger "Abk" and Enable access for assistive devices
  3. Re-open the keylogger and bring the keylogger window with "Ctrl+Alt+A"
  4. Configure the keylogger.
  5. After you configured the keylogger, please delete all the installation files you downloaded and Empty the trash of your Mac to erase all the traces.

Please pay attention to things below:

1. Remember to re-open the keylogger after you enabled access for assistive devices.
2. Please check the option “Run keylogger everytime your Mac starts” to make the keylogger auto-start when rebooting.

Run the keylogger application and use hotkey to call out the settings window.

Here is an example of Aobo Keylogger configuration:
Email/FTP setting is Optional, if you don’t know what it is, just leave it blank. Please click the image to enlarge it.

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