Use FTP Space to Store the Logs

Use FTP Space to Store the Logs

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests, FTP is used to transfer files between computers on a network. You can use FTP to exchange files between computer accounts, transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or access online software archives. Keep in mind, however, that many FTP sites are heavily used and require several attempts before connecting.

If you have problem in setting up email SMTP with the keylogger, for example, your ISP blocked the SMTP port of your email, your email service doesn’t support Aobo Keylogger SMTP, you may set up the keylogger FTP logs delivery to bypass the limits.

Why FTP is better than Email?

1. No Spam Emails

If you use email to receive logs, you will get tons of emails with attachments, sometimes it is annoying. With FTP, the logs will be uploaded in a period and it is comfortable to view the logs whenever you want to, no annoying messages anymore.

2. Safe Log Delivery

After some days, the log size grows up larger and larger, sometimes it is hard to be sent by email anymore, but if you use FTP to receive logs, only new screenshots will be uploaded to the FTP so you can receive logs without problem, this makes the log delivery more safe.

3. Get back a lost Macbook

The FTP will record the MacBook IP address when the MacBook connected to the FTP space. If your MacBook is lost, you can track the MacBook by IP address with FTP enabled.

4. Backup the logs

There is a backup option for the FTP, you can backup the logs in a period and you won’t loose your logs any more. Get an FTP Account from Our Partners

How to view the logs saved in FTP Space?

1. With your Safari or IE browser

You can use a web browser to connect to FTP addresses exactly as you would to connect to HTTP addresses. Using a web browser for FTP transfers makes it easy for you to browse large directories and read and retrieve files. Your web browser will also take care of some of the details of connecting to a site and transferring files. While this method is convenient, web browsers are often slower and less reliable and have fewer features than dedicated FTP clients.

  • To use your web browser to connect to an FTP site such as, where you normally enter a URL, enter: ftp://[email protected]
  • For FTP site with IP Address, Eg: FTP username: FTP888, My FTP IP address is: then my FTP URL is: ftp://[email protected]

2. With a FTP Client

You can use some open source FTP Client to connect to your FTP Space: FileZilla, the free FTP solution

Usage Guide: How to Use FileZilla

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