What You can Do with Amac Keylogger

What You can Do with Amac Keylogger

맥 키로거 is a kind of software to monitor keystroke inputs on Mac OS X, which has been given the ability to log passwords, expose keystrokes, record visited websites, and log chat conversations and so on. A Mac Keylogger will be greatly helpful on following tasks:

  • Monitor kids, partners and employees with Mac Keyloggers

Are you still worried about your kids’ activity on Mac? Do you want to know the activity of your employees in the company? As the matter of fact, with the emergence of theadvanced Mac Keyloggers, all your worries are unneeded and all your demands can be met. Mac Keyloggers can be used to record typed keystrokes, expose the passwords, monitor the visited websites, log instant messenger chat conversations, track email content typed at your end, and even take desktop screenshots. All of these are recorded into specific log files, which include screen-captures of what has been occurring on the Mac, and all of these can be sent to you via email so that you can review the information at any time. Therefore, all the activities of both your children and employees will be visible to you.

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  • Back up every input and typing with Mac Keyloggers

Have you ever come across this kind of situation that the Mac suddenly crashed while some quite important materials were not saved? Or forgot your passwords? Or wrongly deleted your emails, which maybe brings you a great loss? However, With 맥 키로거 from Amac Spy, which logs keystrokes and passwords, this annoying thing won’t bother you anymore. It backups objective when your system crashes, recollects passwords that you have forgotten, and recovers lost content in emails. This is an outstanding advantage of 맥 키로거 that is well worth recommending to you to avoid big disasters.

맥 OS X에 대한 AMAC Keylogger의 (both Standard ones and Professional ones are available) works in stealthy mode not making itself visible to anyone. Moreover, this 맥 키로거 won’t be detected by the majority of firewalls and anti-viruses thus ensuring perfect monitoring process. It can automatically get started to work as users’ login, which means that the Amac Mac 용 키로거 does not require you to manually activate it every time. Once installed, it continues to work undetected for a long time.

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