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As the eighth popular version of Mac OS X system, Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7) is ready to be released in the summer of 2011. Then, all of the Mac users are able to enjoy the best Mac OS X 10.7 system ever. Lion is deemed to be the most perfect Mac system in the history.

For the sake of making sure Mac OS X Lion users to use Aobo Mac keylogger smoothly, Aobo Software is going to develop the perfect keylogger for Lion. To some extent, the features in Aobo Keylogger for Lion Mac OS X are similar to the kelogger for Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard system.

Mac OS X Lion

Now let’s check the added features in the new Mac OS X Lion:

  • Support the Multi-touch:
    Mac OS X Lion offers users a more sensitive gesture responses function, like a rubber-band scrolling, zoom for the page or image, swiping the full-screen.
  • Automatically Saving:
    Mac OS X Lion automatically preserve your documents you are working on them before you close or make any change.
  • Resume the Apps:
    Mac OS X Lion is able recording the app state before any shut down, then restoring apps to what they were.
  • The New Email Client, Mail V5:
    The conversations in the new email client will be grouped. What’s more, wide-screen layout and MS Exchange is also supported.
  • Documents are saved:
    Any successive versions of your documents will be automatically saved. Then the users can turn to any version of the documents as they want.
  • Full-screen the Apps:
    Any app is able to be full screened with one click. Users can turn to another app with full-screen window just by swiping the screen.
  • Launchpad:
    Mac OS X Lion puts all of the apps into Launchpad which is an iPad style window. All of the Mac apps are full-screen displayed there.
  • AirDrop:
    AirDrop provides users with a simple, hassle-free way to copy files between two Mac devices with wireless.
Mac OS X Lion

Now let’s check the key features in Mac OS X Lion Keylogger:

  • Secretly Monitoring without anyone know
  • Take notes of any typed keystroke
  • Remember all chats in iChat/AIM/Adium/Skype/MSN
  • Write down all the website visits
  • Capture desktop screenshots
  • (Professional Version) Take notes of typed passwords on a Mac Lion computer
  • Spy on all users on one Mac Lion
  • Make use of email or FTP to deliver the logs
  • Support logs exporting
  • Protected of the keylogger with password

All of the Mac fans are expecting the release of Aobo Mac Lion Keylogger. As the same, let’s be patient and waiting for the best Mac OS X keylogger for Lion!

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