How to Log Keystrokes on Mac?

How to Log Keystrokes on Mac?

How to log keystrokes on Mac? There is no doubt that Amac Keylogger for Mac, the most powerful and professional Mac keystroke recorder plays a significant role in capturing all Mac activities by logging keystrokes. It can record all keystrokes including websites visited, applications opened, chat conversations online, so you can also use it to protect your family members safe online. Simply to say, you can know everything through the recorded keystrokes.

For example, people shopping online has become more and more popular nowadays. Many businesses are doing on the Internet and people also use computer to pay their bills online directly. Everyone thinks it is okay to shop by using our computer, but actually it is the most dangerous thing you do online. Why? You type all your private information on your Mac without any attention, if someone uses your computer or hacks your Mac, your important information will be stolen by others, so your poverty will become dangerous. However, if you have installed the Mac key logger on your Mac, it will help you record all things happening on your Mac, so you can know someone is stealing your important files timely and then you can take some action to protect it soon.

Here we can log keystrokes on Mac with Amac Keylogger:

  1. Download and set up Amac keystroke logger for Mac
    For your benefits, Amac company provides three-day free trial for every Mac user before you decide to purchase it. You can download Amac Keylogger Standard edition freely to have a try. After download, double click installation file "Amac Keylogger STD", it will be installed instantly on Mac and works automatically every time the Mac starts.
  2. Open Amac Keylogger for Mac
    When you install the program, a message will pop up and say that "Amac Keylogger will restart automatically and then run in stealth mode Please use the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+M to bring up the keylogger window." So you just need to click the hotkey "Ctrl+Alt+M" to open Amac Keylogger. Definitely, the hot key can be customized by yourself.
  3. Configure it
    After installation, you’d better configure the keylogger software according to your preference such as set which logs should be recorded, or test if the email is able to be received successfully and so on. The detailed configuration can be checked in the user guide.
  4. Receive the reports remotely
    If you set the email or FTP carefully and successfully, you will receive the logs remotely, including all keystrokes, web visits, screenshots etc. You can view all logs on any device which is connected to the Internet.

Through simple ways, you can log keystrokes on Mac as soon as possible, which enables you know almost everything users do on Mac.

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