Mac Key Logger To Protect Your Privacy

Mac Key Logger To Protect Your Privacy

Mac Key Logger will be the best choice for you to protect your privacy.Are you still worrying that someone may use your Mac computer when you are away? Or how do you know if there is someone who has used your computer secretly? Most time, we don’t know how to protect our privacy on our computers. For example, your roommate calls you and says that he wants to use your computer for a while but you are not in your dormitory, so what can you do to protect your privacy on your computer now? It is difficult to refuse your roommate, right? Therefore, you should find a way to not only help your roommates but also protect your privacy on your computer. Installing the Aobo Mac Keylogger – the best Mac key logger right now, it can help you monitor all things done on your Mac to protect your privacy from being invaded.

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Aobo Mac Keylogger Can Record All Keystrokes

The Mac key logger helps you record all keystrokes firstly including the passwords typed, the files opened, the applications used and much more, so you can know what your friends are doing on your Mac, if your roommates opened your private files when you are not around. And sometimes human heart is more treacherous than anything else and nobody can know it, so you’d better install the Mac Key Logger on your Mac computer if your computer is often used by many people.

Aobo Mac Keylogger Can Record All Website Activities

The Mac key logger is the most powerful Mac monitoring software which allows you to monitor and record all websites visited in Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. The chat conversations on Skype, MSN, AIM, Adium and more will be also logged clearly, so you can know if they used your chat server to chat with others or if they chat with some bad guy online. In addition, the screenshots will be captured at the pre-set time to give you visual evidence. And if they are doing a video chatting online, the screenshots captured will tell you everything about it. If the person who is using your computer sends or downloads some private information from your computer, you will know in the first place.

All Logs Will Be Sent to Your Email/FTP by Aobo Mac Keylogger

All logs recorded will be sent to your email or FTP automatically and secretly, and the Mac key logger works in complete stealth mode, so it is hard for others to find that they are monitored. Actually, the key logger for Mac can not only protect your privacy but also can help you know what kind of people your friends, your roommates or others are.

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