Mac Key Logger for Small Business and Companies

Mac Key Logger for Small Business and Companies

Since computer has been an indispensable part of business for information and data production, exchange and storage these days, Mac Key Logger, which is used to record everything happened on the office Mac computers, came into being and is in increasing demand for business. Employers can take good advantage of the easy-to-use but powerful Mac Key Logger to keep records of produced data, exchanged information and performed online activities of employees on the office Mac.

Mac Key Logger helps you further away from the data loss.

Nowadays, in office, most work should be accomplished by computers. The series of work performed on the office Mac is vital and does mean a lot to the company, so employers should have the vision to install Mac Key Logger to protect those information and data. Mac Key Logger can record everything typed on the Mac, including the passwords and the recorded logs will be sent to your email/FTP automatically. So if it occurs to you that the electricity or Internet is cut off while you are writing an important report or sending a business email, you can rest assured that all your data has been sent to and stored in your preset email box and you can retrieve them anytime and anywhere as long as you can open your email box.

Mac Key Logger offers undetectable Mac monitoring for you.

Meanwhile, as an employer, you need to know whether your employees devote to work or loaf on the job and whether they try to sell the confidential files to your competitors. Thank to Mac Key Logger, all the online activities of your employees are unreservedly exposed to you. The business key logger for Mac can record websites visited even if web history is emptied by the employees, as well as chat conversations of both sides in Skype, AIM, iChat, MSN and Adium, so you will know clearly if your employees spend working time on entertainment or dirty tricks, and those recorded logs are rock-solid evidence to call to account. What is more, there is no need for you to worry whether the Mac Key Logger is legally installed and whether your employees will fight against it, for Mac Key Logger is reliably downloaded and stealthily runs.

As a safe, secure and stealthy Mac Key Logger, Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X is a famous and trustworthy Mac monitoring software for business. By keeping track of all information and data and online performance of employees on the Mac, Mac Key Logger helps you protect the privacy of your company and improve working efficiency of your employees. In a word, Mac Key Logger is in great demand for business.

An alternative solution is Easemon for Mac, an all-in-one employee monitoring solution for companies, firms or offices that come with Mac OS X computers. The Easemon Client can be installed onto targeted OS X devices within only one click. All that would remain for employers is to view and manage the logs from remote Easemon Cloud. This employee monitor for Mac OS X is favorable for large-scale application, especially when it comes to educational institution and enterprises.

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