Mac Keylogger for Online Safety of Your Children

Mac Keylogger for Online Safety of Your Children

Safeguard your children from online dangers with Mac Keyloggers. With the assistance of Mac Keylogger from Amac, you will always know what they are doing online.

Nowadays the Internet not only serves as a great informational source but also represents danger. Online dangers lurking in different chat rooms, dating websites, porn sites and so on are looking for making use of your children.

Cases show that unlimited interaction by children with the Internet will lead to serious consequences. Criminals often trick children in the Internet. In the worst cases, children develop off-limits relationship with people who have malicious intentions in virtual world and start to meet them in real world, which brings about endless troubles to children and their families.

How can you make sure that your children are safe online?

Parental monitoring software like Mac Keylogger installed on your computer can keep logs of everything your children do online by recording every activity done by them. Besides, screenshots captured provides parents with visual history. You can view all of this from the safely hidden logs whenever you want since the Mac Keylogger does all of the hard work for you.

Mac Keylogger works in stealth mode and informs you about the websites your children visit, so you can know if they are visiting dirty materials. You will also get the information about the "Internet friends" of your children, so you’ll be able to protect it from communication with criminals or pedophiles. In such a way you’ll never need to concern about your children’s online safety and you won’t even suspect this.

What can a Mac Keylogger do for you in detail?

  • Know what your children are doing on the Internet.
  • Observe email content sent by your children.
  • Track instant messenger activities of your children.
  • Monitor websites and chat rooms used by your children.
  • Protect your children from dangerous online predators.

Although it seems impossible to 100% protect your children safe online, there are measures you can take to reduce the dangers of the Internet. Download and install Mac Keylogger, a quality program for Mac which will secretly record your children’s online activity, you are able to check the online status of your children and ensure they are doing good.

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