Amac Keylogger Overview

Amac Keylogger Overview

Amac Keylogger for Mac OS X, including Amac Keylogger Standard and Amac Keylogger Professional, not only logs keystrokes, websites and screenshots as general keyloggers for Mac do, but also records Passwords typed on the Mac and tracks the IP address of the target Mac. With the feature of sending logs of emails, you can access all the logs generated by Amac Keylogger for Mac with any device that can receive Emails. FTP uploading is also available for users who want to receive Amac Keylogger for Mac logs by FTP.

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What can you do with Amac Keylogger?

Key Features of Amac Keylogger

Log passwords

Log all account passwords and user names of websites
Eg: Facebook Passwords, Google Passwords, twitter Passwords and all the other website passwords(Professional Edition Only).

Log keystrokes

Log keystrokes and passwords typed into applications 
Eg: iChat Passwords and user-names, World of Warcraft Passwords and user names and all other passwords typed into applications/games(Professional Edition Only).

Log typed email contents

Record emails composed into keystroke logs 
Emails composed are also from keystrokes so they will be recorded into the keystroke logs.

Log chat conversations

Record chat transcripts of Skype, Adium, iChat, AIM, MSN (Both sides)
Only one side of the chat conversations will be recorded as keystroke logs for other instant messengers which are not in the above list, such as Yahoo messenger for Mac, Facebook chats through Facebook website.

Capture screenshots

Take snapshots/screenshots of the Mac screen desktop 
Amac Keylogger for Mac takes screenshots of your Mac desktop at a set interval and gives you full pictures of how your Mac is used.

Log web history

Record website history in popular Mac web browsers 
The websites and URLs visited in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox along with time stamps will be recorded by Amac Keylogger.

Log IP address

Track the public IP address and locations of the target Mac 
Amac Keylogger for Mac logs the IP address of your Mac and sends you the information from your Mac location in case it is lost.

Send email by Email/FTP

Send the logs to Email or FTP 
The logs can be sent to your email box or uploaded to an FTP space so you can check the logs everywhere.

Invisible monitoring

Run in stealth mode and Protected by passwords so no one will find it 
Amac Keylogger for Mac hides itself in background and runs automatically with a protective password. No password, no access!


Support Mac OS X 10.5 ~ 10.12 
Please Contact Us for iBook/PowerPC keylogger with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.x.

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Amac Keylogger – record keystrokes
Amac Keylogger – record websites
Amac Keylogger – log chats

Why should I choose Amac Keylogger over the rest?

Being the first ever keylogger for Mac to spy on Apple Mac machines, Amac Keylogger for Mac sets the global standard. The difference is in years of research and improvement of the application, Amac Keylogger for Mac has gained major media attention from dozens of radio stations, magazines and web sites all over the world.

1. The only Password Keylogger for Mac

Amac Keylogger’s Password logging feature is the first of its kind. With this feature, you’ll be able to capture all kinds of passwords and user names, which helps you discover the secrets.

2. Clean, safe and reliable

Amac Keylogger promises the pure and green of its installation and use. It is awarded as “100% CLEAN” From Softpedia, which means it is free from adware and spyware.

3. No Need for Additional Fees – Lifetime Use

Most of the Keyloggers for Mac in the current market demand a renewal fee after a period of use. However, Amac Keylogger for Mac never asks for any additional fee for continued use after your purchase. Any purchase of Amac Keylogger for Mac promises a lifetime of use to you.

4. Superior customer support

Amac Keylogger for Mac gives full-service to each Amac Keylogger user. Unparalleled customer service, quick response, top quality and value-added service will be served to all Amac Keylogger users. Both Ticket Support and Live Support are available.

5. Monitor multiple computers

If needed, you can use your Amac Keylogger Personal License on up to two Apple Macs or Amac Keylogger for Mac Family License on up to four computers WITHOUT purchasing additional licenses!

Amac Keylogger for Mac Testimonials

“Your keylogger is totally awesome. It worked exactly as you stated on your web site. I’ve recommended it to more than 3 friends who were searching for a solution that Amac Keylogger solves. Thanks for the easy to use program and web site. No issues whatsoever with this product. Once installed it runs silently and flawlessly. If you want to or need to monitor your kids or employees, this is the tool to use. ” – K.M.

“Already caught my future-ex on dating sites pretending single & 10 years younger. Let’s see what else under his sleeves! One more happy customer! You take care & I will ask all my friends buy this magic software!” – J.W.

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